What 32 Years Has Taught Me

I wanted to put this post up just after my birthday, but you know when time just gets away from you? That. I can't believe I am 32, it feels like only yesterday I turned 25! Anyway, at the ripe old age of 32 I feel like I am kind of able to impart some pearls of wisdom on you all..

You're never too old to apologise
Am I right?! Be a blummin' (Obviously trying to be a family friendly blog here..) grown up. Recent family trouble has made this more poignant than ever. Unfortunately, some apologies come too late, or not at all. When I was 8 months pregnant I was spoken to atrociously by a member of James's family which caused a lot of stress and upset even to this day. That person (who is certainly old enough to know better) has yet to apologise, or even admit any wrong doing.  Never mind, eh? Who has lost out in the long run?

Look after your teeth
I hate going to the dentist, like, despise it. When I got pregnant it made me eligible for free dental care, so I bit the bullet and went. Luckily for me I had no problems, despite it being more years than I care to share from my last visit.

Get your smear tests
No question. Just do it. Above everything else, your health is the most important.

Disney never gets boring
As a recent subscriber to Disney Life never has the above statement been more true. I can't wait to get  Phoebe into it when she is a little bit older. I grew up with Disney and every year I was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World in Florida on holiday. My favourite classic film has to be Lady and the Tramp, closely followed by the more recent Wreck It Ralph. No Disney princesses for me!

Be smart with your money
Start saving straight away for a mortgage. I know, if you are 18 it might seem a little premature but believe me, if you have that as a priority from the off you won't be sorry. HOWEVER, that's not to say those treat yo self Tuesdays are no more, not a chance!

A degree isn't everything
And an English degree isn't anything (IMO) unless you want to be a teacher.. No thanks! To be honest, I hated university. It just really wasn't for me, and I much preferred to work and earn money. Maybe if I hadn't of gone straight from college I would have felt differently, but there is so much more out there now, like apprenticeships. They have the same value as some degrees nowadays, ya know? Don't ever let the fact you don't have a degree detract from what you want out of life. There's always a way.

Always agree to disagree
And finally, compromise. That's not to say you shouldn't be a total girl boss, it's no fun being a pushover. Believe me, I have fell victim to that far too often, but compromising is sometimes the lesser of the two evils. Don't let anyone walk all over you though, no matter their age, circumstance gender, relationship, etc. etc. You get the picture.