8 Of My Most Used Blog Props

I have been meaning to write this post in like, forever, but I have never felt confident enough until now.. But let me tell you, getting the perfect snap is often an uphill struggle, especially with Instagram's engagement being so shockingly low at the moment. I mean, I am losing followers left, right and centre!

So, here are my often cheap, and cheerful ways of sprucing up your photos.

01. Magazines. The perfect, and affordable way of busying up a blog photo. This prop can also be used time and time again.

02. Fresh Foliage. I'm not a fan of fake flowers. If I'm honest, I think they look a bit cheap.. don't shoot me! Although I recently caved and bought some faux eucalyptus.

03. Books. Are you even a blogger if you don't own Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes and Love x Style x Life by Garance Dor? Failing that, anything with a blush pink and gold cover will do fine.

04. Backing Paper. You can acquire this pretty cheaply from Amazon, or you can find the infamous marble background at your local Wilkinsons in the stickyback plastic section.

05. Candles. Now with Aldi doing their very own Jo Malone dupes you are all set!

06. Throws and Cushions. These are great for adding extra texture and dimension to your photos. Gotta love a bit of faux reindeer, right? I've actually started using items of clothing too. The backdrop to my most recent Sephora Haul blog post was a top I picked up on ASOS.

07. Rose Gold Stationary. I believe you can find some amazing pieces in shops like Home Bargains etc. I got my particular set from Paperchase.

06. Notebooks. I love a good notebook, or several. I have found that TK Maxx and Sainsbury's do amazing notebooks. They are such good quality and most have an obligatory inspirational quote printed on the front.

07. Fairy Lights. A given, I guess.

08. Trinket Dishes. With trinkets of course! This can range from hair grips, spectacles, to a couple of items of jewellery.

Other items I like to feature in my photos are my phone, MacBook, and these gorgeous gold letters by West Elm.

Anyway, I hope this post has been helpful! Let me know your staple blog props in the comments below.

Love, Jo