Looking After Those Summer Tootsies

Getting summer season ready is a big thing for me, and part of that is making sure I am taking care of my feet. The Newtons range of foot care is just brilliant for that, and more importantly, really affordable.

Both Newtons Polishing Foot Scrub* with natural pomice and tea tree, and Newtons Original Chiropody Sponge* left my feet seamlessly smooth without a patch of dry skin in sight. As a new mum it was nice to be able to pamper myself without having to leave the house too.

Newtons Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream* has to be the star product of the bunch though. I don't really suffer from sweaty feet, but my mum jumped at the chance to try out this product and to say she was chuffed with the result would be an understatement. She claimed it was moisturising and absorbed straight into the skin. The scent was also very fresh and lasted throughout the day. Sounds like a winner to me.

After a bit of TLC my feet were ready for a full on pedicure and a slick of red nail polish to finish the look. Perfect for the sandal season.

Love, Jo