The Living in London Basics

It may come as a surprise to you that only a few years ago I used to be quite the hardened Londoner. Now just a short weekend visit has me itching to get back to my quiet country living.

What money?
When I lived there my monthly transport costs went from £116 to £134 in just two years. And that is just one example of where my money went. Forget that romantic notion of going to the theatre every weekend when you are chowing down on Supernoodles and watching Netflix in your box studio apartment.

What I was paying in rent, I could have easily afforded a mortgage on a three bedroom house. Shocking, right?

Everywhere in London takes approximately an hour to get to
Untrue! More like 3! You might as well be trekking into the great beyond.

You meet some interesting characters on the night bus
And no, I'm not talking Harry Potter. I wish I was!

Everything is open!
Desperately in need of that packet of loo roll? No problem! Everywhere is still open!

Oxford Street is a no go shopping destination
As much as you crave the food hall at Selfridges, just don't do it to yourself.

People standing on the left..
Will leave you eye rolling for days.

Getting up close and personal on the Tube is standard
You could honestly declare yourself in a relationship with a whole carriage of people since you share that much personal space with them.

You will always complain about London life..
But really there is no place like it. Fact.

Love, Jo