The Weekly Edit #62

It's August! Can you believe it? Secretly I am kind of glad, with no more holidays booked I am really looking forward to the Autumn. Pumpkin spice errr-vry thing!

Anyway, on to my week(s);

.  This week I went for a smear test, my first since giving birth to Phoebe. This might be TMI but it is so important that you go get these done. In fact, I wrote about this in one of my first ever blog posts. You can read all about it here. Unfortunately it was quite painful since I am still healing. I know, 16 weeks on!

.  I  also had my first night out in like, a year. Scary, I know! As lovely as it was, it just made me feel old? Well, maybe not old, but a bit out of touch? I can't quite explain it, all I know is that I really struggled applying my false lashes when I never had before!

.  I have started healthy eating too, well sorta. I was actually pretty unwell last week, so it was kind of sickness induced weight loss, but I have decided to keep it up. I guess I just needed that kick up the bum. Since I have stopped breastfeeding, and Phoebe is sleeping through the night (touch wood) I have noticed a dramatic reduction in my sugar consumption, which has really helped my mood too.

.  And finally, the absolute highlight of my month, I won a competition run by Very. In fact, I am so excited to share with you what I won I will be writing a blog post all about it very soon! Stay tuned!

Anyway, how was your week?

Love, Jo