Review: Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence

So, I love marmite. What can I say? I am just one of those people. You may be thinking; where is she going with this? This is a perfume review! But marmite is exactly how I would describe Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence*.

At first I completely turned my nose up at it, it is another level of sweetness. It kind of has an element of heaviness about it? Like, you might suffocate from it.. Ha! I am not doing a very good job at selling this am I? Hear me out though.

After the initial shock, and by shock I mean I didn't expect a Michael Kors perfume to smell this way. The muskiness is actually what I like most about it. That, and the packaging. The bottle has this very satisfactual heaviness about it. I love it, the gold is just so luxe too.

I found the scent quite old fashioned and lady like. Maybe mature is a better word for it. There is definitely a lot of warmth about it, which makes it perfect for Autumn/Winter. My mum has always told me that if you can smell your perfume on your skin it's not right for you.. And I can definitely smell this!

Despite this, it is extremely long lasting and I discovered that the longer it lingered on the skin, the pleasanter it actually became.

Have you tried this scent yet? What did you think?

Love, Jo