September Update

Wow, it feels so weird blogging again and its only been a week! I can't even begin to explain the weird way time works when you have a baby. Every day literally flies by, and is often defined by doing a white laundry wash, or three.

So, I am thinking of changing the format of my weekly edits to monthly updates, basically because nothing new really happens weekly anymore. Literally, it would just be all day to day mummy stuff which even I would find boring to read.

01. Anyway, fingers crossed that will be my last blogging break for a while. I don't plan them, but if I don't get the opportunity to write or take photos that week then I find it impossible to catch up! I have so much content planned and I can't wait to share it with you.

Flourish & Blotting also has a new look! I have been wanting to change to a Pipdig theme for ages as I just find the designs so much more sleeker than any others. £50 was a lot of money to drop though, so I am hoping it will be around a while. I finally picked a winner for my giveaway too and I will be running a little Twitter giveaway too if you fancy entering.

02. Now it's officially autumn I desperately need to update my wardrobe. Unfortunately I am still battling with my post baby mum tum, but I am hoping a few staple pieces will see me through.. Any recommendations?

03. Since it's September I have been updating the house accordingly. I desperately want some fall candles from Bath & Bodyworks but they don't seem to ship to the UK. Any ideas anyone? I have also introduced a couple of new houseplants and these gorgeous blush pink pillow cases.

04. A little baby update for you; Phoebe is now 5 months old and can sit up, roll over and practically crawl which brings a whole host of new obstacles. She pretty much needs penning in with cushions if I'm to get a shower. Nightmare! We are also starting her on solids in the next couple of weeks. She had her first taste of broccoli last night and suffice to say my cleaning OCD went into overdrive over the mess! Yikes!

05. And a little 'me' update; I'm fine. I have just been treated for De Quervain syndrome which is a problem that affects the tendons in your thumb, baby induced of course. I have got my fingers crossed that it doesn't require anything further.