30 Oct 2017

A Southern Girl in the Northern City

It's no surprise when I moved to Liverpool I was a little sceptical at what it had to offer. London was always a steady producer of the perfect brunch spot, theatre productions to rival broadway, the most amazing of afternoon teas and enough things to do that even after 3 years living there I still hadn't completed my bucket list.

27 Oct 2017

Inside My Makeup Bag; Foundation

I'm not one for a stockpile of foundations.. clearly! I mean, since this picture was taken I have in fact finished my all time high street favourite; Revlon ColorStay Foundation For Combination/Oily Skin. I used to love my high end foundations but lemme tell you, statutory maternity pay bites!

25 Oct 2017

Post Summer Hair Care feat. Playa

My hair is really suffering at the minute. The change in weather, the heating being on, sun over the summer, well, this is England after all , has left much to be desired. Statutory maternity pay has left me not being able to afford to get my hair done at the minute so I jumped at the chance at trying some products from Playa.

23 Oct 2017

Recipe: Cheats Cookie Brownies

As much as I love baking from scratch a lot can be said from a bit of bakers cheatery. I mean, a new momma gotta get some sweet treats somehow!

19 Oct 2017

Sharing My Shelves: Sofa So Good! Me Life Story

I am a massive fan of Gogglebox. It is the epitome of my guilty pleasure Friday night television viewing. So to receive an advanced copy of the Jungle Queen's brand new book; Sofa So Good! Me Life Story* by Scarlett Moffat was right up my proverbial reading alley.

18 Oct 2017

Review: Elie Saab Girl Of Now Eau de Parfum

Being quite the Elie Saab fragrance fan (Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Perfume was featured in My Perfect Summer Scents AND my June Favourites) I was delighted to be sent a tester of the newest scent;  Girl Of Now*.

16 Oct 2017

Sharing My Baby's Shelves

Can I include the whole series of the Harry Potter books in this too? No? Ok.. I am definitely getting ahead of myself when it comes to Phoebe's book collection, but start them young, right?

15 Oct 2017

Inside My Makeup Bag; Mascaras

Admittedly my mascara collection is extremely small, very unbloggeresque for sure. It's the one thing  in life that I am just very good at throwing away, and not hoarding the bejeezus out of them. Also, I have such sensitive eyes (thank you false lashes!) that the only real mascara that I find truly comfortable to wear is No7 Extreme Length Sensitive Eyes Mascara which alas, I have ran out of!

9 Oct 2017

Review: Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum

I'm so on the quest for the perfect autumn scent, unfortunately Michael Kors Sexy Ruby* just isn't my one. 

3 Oct 2017

Review: Vichy Mineral 89

Upping my skincare game is definitely one of my midyear resolutions, especially with the cooler weather approaching. As much as I love the winter, heating and hot air can play havoc with my skin leaving it in dire need of rehydration.

1 Oct 2017

Autumn Photography on a Budget

I recently did a blog post on my favourite and most used blog props, and as relevant as some of them still are to the change in seasons, I thought I would do a little budget friendly update for autumn.
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