Post Summer Hair Care feat. Playa

My hair is really suffering at the minute. The change in weather, the heating being on, sun over the summer, well, this is England after all , has left much to be desired. Statutory maternity pay has left me not being able to afford to get my hair done at the minute so I jumped at the chance at trying some products from Playa.

Endless Summer Spray*. This is a lovely leave in spray for the most perfect tousled waves. I have quite wavy hair anyway and this product just kind of defined them. I think I should point out that in no way am I a hair guru but this product was just super easy to use to get an amazing result.

Ritual Hair Oil*. I love a good hair oil/serum, this is always a necessary step when it comes to my hair care routine. As well as being naturally wavy, my hair can sometimes feel a bit coarse no matter how much conditioner I slather on.  I loved the scent of this product (a beach holiday in a bottle) and the consistency is quite light weight. My hair didn't feel particularly weighed down or greasy, which gets a major double thumbs up from me.

The only downside was the particularly fiddly bottle and dropper mechanism. Give me a good old pump any day.

Pure Dry Shampoo*. Being a new mumma means dry shampoo becomes your new best friend pretty quickly. This product doesn't leave a sticky residue on your hair like some dry shampoos do (Tresemme) and it is really good at soaking up the excess grease. Grease sounds so vulgar doesn't it? I wanted to say 'moisture' but that just didn't sound right!

In conclusion if you are looking to give your hair a bit of a treat then Playa with its gorgeously luxe copper and white packaging is right up your street.

Love, Jo