Sharing My Baby's Shelves

Can I include the whole series of the Harry Potter books in this too? No? Ok.. I am definitely getting ahead of myself when it comes to Phoebe's book collection, but start them young, right?

Ok, so scratch Harry Potter (for now!) and literally anything by Julia Donaldson is well received by my little one. Especially Tyrannosaurus Drip. I managed to get a nearly full set for a bargain price from the Book People in work. Mega thumbs up.

Board books are always a good idea too. We have definitely lost one book thus far.. death by chewing unfortunately. I especially like the 'That's Not My..' series although they are kind of short. On a more positive note; I like how they have different textures on each page.

Phoebe's favourite book by far is Good Night Moon, I'm not even sure why! Sure, it has a really cute story, but I find the pictures and colours are a little bit crude? But she loves it. I have learnt very quickly that babies aren't always that impressed with the things we feel are most tasteful. I mean, The Hungry Caterpillar bores her! I even bought the edition with the finger puppet too!

On my to buy list are classics like The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business(this one is more for me..) to name but a few.

What are your baby book recommendations?

Love, Jo