Sharing My Shelves: Sofa So Good! Me Life Story

I am a massive fan of Gogglebox. It is the epitome of my guilty pleasure Friday night television viewing. So to receive an advanced copy of the Jungle Queen's brand new book; Sofa So Good! Me Life Story* by Scarlett Moffat was right up my proverbial reading alley.

This book is for one, brutally honest. I mean, I would expect nothing less from a biography. I found Scarlett's voice accurate and relatable, especially towards the end of the book. I love how she talks about her love of Disney, London and living on her own. It was just so.. me? Back in the day obviously. 

I think one thing I struggled with was that it was very current. I kind of look to books as a means of  escape, whereas Scarlett addresses a lot of things I have had to face in the past, such as signing on and being overweight to name but a few. However, it is quite a light read, and there is nothing *too* heavy involved.

I enjoyed how it was compartmentalised too. The facts at the beginning of every chapter were funny, useless, but interesting. The sorta thing that you know will come in handy at a pub quiz, or around the Christmas dinner table.

Admittedly it is not the most well written book I have ever read, it's quite rough around the edges (I mean, she went to Disney World but called it Disneyland a bit further on - nitpicking, I know! But that sorta thing irks a Disnerd like myself!)but she's not a writer is she? So I think I can overlook that just for the sheer hilarity and honesty of some of her content.

In conclusion Scarlett comes across even more loveable than she does on television, if that is even possible?! I would say this is the perfect seeking the last of the summer sun by the pool kind of read, that, or a rainy Sunday afternoon treat. It's up to you.

Sofa So Good! Me Life Story is now available to buy online or in stores now!

Love, Jo