27 Nov 2017

Festivegram Feeds To Follow

With Christmas fast approaching there is nothing I love more than scrolling through Instagram and being completely inspired and in love with the festive feeds on offer.

Sharon is one of my newest discoveries, I just love how cute her theming is. It is so colourful and playful, perfect for Christmas.
Emma is another new one to my feed. I love the sharp colours against the stark white and I just know her photos are going to continue to give me all the festive feels right up till the day.

I am always jealous of Emmie's many trips to the theatre, if only finding a babysitter was that easy! I also enjoy her long and chatty stories too.
I love the dark theming on Sophie's feed, it just makes the images all that more magical and wintery. I can't wait to see what she posts in December.
Is it terrible to include my own feed in this? I promise, if you are as Christmas obsessed as me, my feed is starting to look like the inside of Father Christmas's grotto already.

If there is anyone else you think I should be following, leave a comment below!

Love, Jo

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