My MAC Lipstick Collection

I am pretty much show casing my love of nude lipsticks here. Admittedly my collection has come along since a year ago, and so has my photography skills I hope!

So far in my collection there is:

Tropic Tonic. I think this has to be my least favourite shade. I loved it in the store, but every time I have worn it since I have always thought it was too much and it didn't suit me. Whatcha gonna do though?

Saigon Summer.  This was my first ever MAC lipstick, bold, I know! I actually had a Sleek lipstick of a similar shade and I loved it but it wasn't the best quality, so I decided to take the plunge with MAC. This is a cream shine so it isn't as bold as it looks.

Honeylove. This was a blogger made me buy it purchase. I mean, I like it.. but it is a bit too light for me.

Whirl. I had to decide between Whirl and Twig (mainly because I couldn't justify spending £32 in one go for lipsticks!), and I went for Whirl obviously. I kind of wish I had gone for the latter but I've still got time.

Velvet Teddy. I have nearly finished this particular lipstick. I will definitely be repurchasing this cult shade though. I first bought this in New York so it has really fond memories for me.

Diva. This is my go to winter lipstick. I just love it.

Persistence. I wanted a shade that was slightly darker and more dramatic than Velvet Teddy, you know, for a suitable day look which can easily be worn in the evenings too.

Russian Red. There was a major toss up between Ruby Woo and Russian Red but I felt Ruby Woo was a bit too pinky for me? I love the classic red lip look.

Mariah Carey Lip Pencil in New Ombre . What can I say? I was completely sucked in by the packaging. I originally went in for the MCizzle lipstick but all they had left was this one shade of lip pencil. Unfortunately the colour doesn't really suit my olive skin, but at least I have it, right? Argh!

Love, Jo