November Goals

I wanted to call this post something positive because life has been far from positive recently. I don't know whether to just write it all down in a post and hit publish with both eyes closed.. I guess I worry about how I will come across, but I also feel like you all need an explanation as to my sporadic posting.

Anywho! Despite this I wanted to really just give you all a bit of a blog update and let you know what has been going on.

01. I have really been working on my photography recently after finally taking the plunge and purchasing Photoshop and Lightroom. Everything is still pretty much a work in progress but I will soon be offering my services to anyone in the Liverpool area who wants semi professional photo's taking. If you know of anyone who might be interested, send them my way!

02. I feel like I have been stressing myself out trying to get four blog posts out a week, impossible right? I think two posts a week is far more manageable, so I am thinking new posts every Monday and Thursday? Anymore than two will just be a bonus!

03. After much deliberation I have decided to do Blogmas again this year. Kind of like a thank you for following me and to make up for all those weeks I haven't posted anything! James doesn't think I can do it but that has made me even more determined. I will show him!

04. I am really trying to grow my social media following at the minute. Instagram is proving particularly difficult. I had set a 2017 goal of reaching 1000 followers and it just doesn't seem possible at the minute, especially since I have barely been able to get past 830 for the past 6 months! If you aren't following me, please do! It would mean the absolute world to me if I reached my target.

05. And finally I made a new header for Flourish & Blotting and made a couple of other tweaks here and there. I have been using the same graphic for the last few designs and I just thought it was about time! I hope you like it, and fingers crossed for a better December!