11 Dec 2017

Blogmas 2016 Roundup

So, I kind of wanted to just showcase last years Blogmas.. I hate that posts sometimes get lost in the abyss that is the 'archives'. There are a couple of Weekly Edits missing, but I was reading through some of them and gosh, they are an absolute bore! I am so glad I stopped doing them. Plus! Most of them were all so cutesy and nice, not really showcasing any of the bad stuff that was going on at the time.

Anyway, on to the posts.

01. 10 Christmas Things..
This never changes. I already have my copy of the Radio Times!

02. My Festive Lush Haul
Everyone loves a Lush haul, which reminds me to order my annual bottle of Rose Jam.

03. Are You Having A Holly Jolly Christmas?
Some Christmases are harder than others, but I like to make sure I am doing ALL these things in the hope that it gets me in the mood.

04. My Top 5.. Scratch That. My Top 8 Christmas Films
I have decided that the greatest ever festive films list has been done to death. Check out my alternative what I will be watching list here.

05. My Guide To Christmas Gift Wrapping
Wrapping is my thing, as long as it's square of course.

06. You Are Cordially Invited..
I love decorating the house. This year we have had to downsize our tree to make room for Phoebe's jumperoo of all things. If you are a parent you will understand!

07. The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer..
You can check out this years fancier post with Spotify playlist here.

08. Review: A/W Menu at Jamie's Italian
I still maintain this is my favourite chain restaurant of all time.. Closely followed by Byron Burger of course.

09. Wishlist: My Seasonal Jumpers Pick
Last year I was 5 months pregnant and all the best seasonal jumpers didn't accomodate a bump unfortunately. Funnily enough I haven't bothered this year!

10. My Christmas Hacks
Sometimes a homemade Christmas is the best kinda Christmas.

11. The Perfect Festive Gift
I loved working with Keep This Cracker* with the unique premise of filling your own crackers. Although, a lot can be said for the traditional plastic tat you get in store bought.

12. My Favourite Free Christmas Fonts
I love practical posts like this one.

13. Getting Christmas Party Ready
I worked with Urban Decay for this post, probably my proudest collaboration thus far. I still am very much in love with the shade Bruise for this time of year.

14. Festive Manicure Ideas
I absolutely loved those little nail decals from last year. I will definitely have to apply one or two for the big day itself.

15. My November Favourites
This year has seen me make the transition from monthly favourites to seasonal ones. Best. Decision. Ever.

16. The Traditional Wrap
 This year I have gone for a not so traditional style and I really like it, blog post to come. I think from now on I might become a little more adventurous.

17. Wish List: Festive Disney
I love Disney all year round. I absolutely loved putting together this wish list.

18. Recipe: Delicious Gingerbread
Unfortunately I don't get much time to bake anymore, but these recipes don't half make me want to start up the KitchenAid and whip up something delicious.

19. Inside My Advent Calendar: Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas
Such a fab, bargain advent calendar.

20. Inside My Advent Calendar: Your Beauty Fairytale
I really went overboard with the advent calendars last year. This year maternity pay has meant a distinct lack of fancy pants advents..

21. Wish List: 2017 Diaries
Just another thing on my to do list; buy 2018 diary.

22. Review: L'Oreal's Pure Clay Detox Mask
I still love this product, although I have long since ran out! Time for a repurchase I think!

Love, Jo

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