December 2017 Favourites

I know, I missed my Autumn favourites. I was all prepared to write that post too but with everything going on I kind of missed the deadline, of autumn...

Anywho! Despite my serious lack of time keeping I have managed to pull together a few of my festive favourites.

You can find my full review on it here. This is one of my makeup staples for life. It's kinda funny that I had this in my makeup drawer for about a year before I started to use it though. What was I doing with my life?! 

MAC's Russian Red
If you read my most recent post on my MAC lipsticks you will know I love the classic red lip, especially this time of year.

B&M Candles
These babies feature quite heavily in my blogging photography this year. I mean, how could they not?! They are the perfect Bath & Body Works dupes for only a fraction of the cost of SHIPPING alone. Also, it helps that they smell really lovely too.

I always said I would never bow to peer pressure and buy a lightbox but as soon as I saw this little rose gold mini one I knew that that was going right out the window. It's perfect for pictures and displaying in Phoebe's room when I am not snaffling it for blog things.

Mococo Cubic Zirconi Stud Earrings
I actually received these as part of a free gift from an event I went to. I have tried to find them on the website but I can't seem to see them. However! Mococo is a great place to go to for any jewellery lover, they literally have millions of brands all under one roof (says Geoffrey.. sorry!) and all very affordable. You can read all about that event here.

I have been wanting to try these chocolate since last year. LAST YEAR! That's a long time to wait! Unfortunately they were only available in like, one store online. Pfft I said! Until one day I was browsing the Christmas aisle in Sainsbury's and low and behold! Ta dar! They are a little bit pricey, especially for something so moreish, but boy! Are they worth it.

December is all about gold nail polish. I will covering my festive nail polish picks in another blogmas post (I think!) you can read last years post here though. This year I have gone for a metallic shade, brazen, I know.

Love, Jo