Merry Little Everything.

I just wanted to write a short blog post to wish you all a very merry Christmas. 2017 has certainly had its highs and very lows, but here is to a better 2018.

Thanks for supporting Blogmas this year. It definitely hasn't been easy, and I might have missed a day, or two in the middle, but thank you for all your comments, likes and shares. It has meant a hell of a lot, more than you know.

I will be taking a week's (and a bit) break from Flourish & Blotting to regroup and start writing my 2018 content, that, and spending time with my little family. There has definitely been times this year, more so recently, when I have just wanted to give up. Growth has been slow, opportunities have been kind of none existent, and overall it has just been a bit 'blah'. I am sure a lot of you will understand, 2017 has definitely been the year of purchased success in the blogging world, or at least the exposure of it.

Despite this, I have decided to work doubley hard in the next year. This is what I love doing and I can't imagine my life without it! I guess I would just be 'a mum'. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that either, I just don't want that to completely define me though.

Anyway, I hope Santa got you everything you wanted, you win every game of Monopoly, and you don't get a hangover from too much port.. That's more for me than it probably is you.

Happy Christmas!
Love, Jo