Phoebe's First Christmas in Outfits

I am unfortunately one of 'those mums' who buys an outfit for every occasion (including Halloween!).  I guess a baby's first Christmas is always something to go overboard about though. Here are just some of the outfits Phoebe will be sporting over the festive season.

 I bought this little dress from Next. I absolutely love the tulle and cotton top combination.

This jumper and leggings combo is also from the Next sale. I actually bought all these items in the summer. Organised or what?

This is one of my favourite jumpers. It's from Next again, and the nose lights up when pressed. Who doesn't love a novelty Christmas jumper?

I figured Phoebe didn't have anything to wear on Christmas morning, so this My First Christmas Velour All In One is perfect.

I just had to throw this Star Wars R2-D2 All in One and Dribble Bib Set in since it was a present from James too.

Love, Jo