19 Dec 2017

Phoebe's First Christmas

I promised myself that I wouldn't go overboard this Christmas, mainly because it will probably be the cheapest one we ever have!

But here are a couple of things I have picked up for her.

01. Mega Bloks
Obviously if she is going to be an engineer when she grows up, these are essential.

02. Electronic Drum
Everything is a drum to her at the minute, I might as well channel that into something musical.

03. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBelle
Apparently the toy of the year. Admittedly anything with colour and flashing lights is going to be a hit.

04. Fisher Price Chatter Telephone
An absolute classic. Who had one of these when they were younger? Or am I just showing my age.

05. Fire 7 Kids Edition in Yellow
This is actually a present from my dad and an absolute godsend when it comes to that 5 extra minutes in the shower, or even just a bit of a lie in! I have started using it already as we have had a few long car journeys where it has been vital for keeping her occupied for a little part of the way.

06. Soft Jersey Ball Pit
I am such a bad mum when it comes to waiting to give Phoebe her presents! This one was obviously too big to wrap so I ended up giving her this back in November when it was delivered. She loves it, and it is great for her development. I have seen more expensive, designer ones, but this one is just perfect and at a fraction of the cost.

07. Mr. Men My Complete Collection Box Set
I actually bought this in Aldi of all places for the steal price of £19.99. I know! Crazy! I can't wait until Phoebe is old enough to appreciate them.

Love, Jo

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