The Perfect Christmas Pamper Night

I am all for a pamper evening, although since having Phoebe they are few and far between. However that doesn't mean I don't know the exact ingredients for the perfect treat yo self kind of night.

Hot Chocolate
I am queen of the chocolatiest hot chocolate ever, or so I think. I start by crumbling a flake into the mug before adding my hot chocolate powder; I like to use Cadbury's Highlights. After stirring I like to pop a couple of mini marshmallows on top, followed by whipped cream and sprinkles.

Why stop there either? Pop a face mask on too, defuzz, moisturise, and really give yourself a proper MOT. This Christmas I am loving Essie's Stars Aligned.

Festive Reads
Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than flicking through the seasonal pages of some of my favourite magazines, it makes a lovely change from just popping on a Christmas film. I find they help settle my mind, give me festive ideas for presents or decorations, and inspiration for special bakes.

I have got you covered, click here.

Silky Christmas Pjs
There is just something far more luxurious when it involves silky soft nightwear. I bought this gorgeous set from Victoria's Secret 2 years ago.

Of course my perfect night means an abundance of chocolate.. it's like, my favourite thing ever. Chocolate coins just epitomise Christmas for me.

Sweet Candles
I love these Bath & Body Works dupes from B&M Bargains, what can I say? They are just so instaworthy! They smell absolutely divine too.

Love, Jo