What To Watch Over This Festive Period

I feel like everyone this time of year is doing the usual My Top 8 Christmas Films.. My to watch list is not necessarily christmassy per se just what I have been enjoying lately.

Stranger Things
An obvious one, I know, but can you believe there are still some people out there who haven't seen it?! No stranger thing if you ask me..

The Good Place
If you have ever watched and liked Dead Like Me you will love The Good Place. It's such a light and funny watch.

The Sinner
Such a satisfactory ending, although pretty dark and a little strange the whole way through. This series will have you hooked.

Happy Valley
I have just watched second season on Netflix and it didn't fail to live up to the first. Sarah Lancaster is just so perfect, and I love the grittiness of it all.

Parks and Recreation
On repeat. Forever and ever.

Life in Pieces
This was actually recommended to me by my dad and I was so glad it was! It's hilarious, and such an easy watch. The 20 or so minutes is split up into 4 parts and then the characters generally come together for a small part of it.

What will you be watching this December? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Love, Jo