16 Dec 2018

REN Skincare To Make You Sparkle Through the Season.

*Products have been gifted for review.
Tis the season to have dull skin, am I right? I feel like I have had chapped and lacking skin since November! No joke.  The constant 

5 Dec 2018

A Very Mamia Christmas.

*Some products have been gifted for review.
I don't know about you, but as a first time mum Aldi's Mamia brand has been there since the very start. I just can't get enough. I mean, Netmums wouldn't have named them Best Supermarket in their Best Loved Brands Survey 2017, for any other reason, right?

25 Nov 2018

36 Hours in London.

I think my love for London knows no bounds. Given the chance again, I would probably move myself down there in a heartbeat. Baby, cat, boyfriend and all.

2 Nov 2018

Getting Winter Ready with Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette

If you hadn’t already noticed, I am really trying to up my autumn/winter palette game. Not only did I purchase the most perfect eye shadow palette, I also wanted something for my face too. And that is where the Becca Apres Ski Glow Face palette comes in.

21 Oct 2018

I Am By No Means A Model But..

I have always been one for being behind the camera, always. I honestly thought the 'Style' tag on my blog would be the one less used, but no more!

Living That Subculture Life. An Anastasia Beverly Hills Review.

I am marking my first Anastasia Beverly Hills palette purchase with a blog post, apt, yeah? Well, it's a pretty big thing for me, and all I can think is where have I been all this time?!

15 Oct 2018

What I'm Burning This October.

So, I finally took that plunge and purchased some Bath & Body Works candles via a facebook group. Scary, huh? Honestly, there is such a plethora of groups, I didn't know where to start. Luckily my method of closing my eyes and pointing seemed to do the trick.

5 Oct 2018

Budget Skincare on a.. Budget?

Aldi Skincare
This blog post I am dedicating to all things Aldi, well, not all things, but just some of their recent skincare releases that have helped me through some very pimply situations.

7 Sep 2018

Sparkle Sticks Are My Jam.

BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar Frozen Quartz
I finally took the plunge and treated myself to the Ombre Blackstar By Terri creme eyeshadow in Frozen Quartz. Well, by treated and plunge I mean I waited till it had money off and chas back available through a scheme in work… girl has a large mortgage to pay off now you know?!

3 Sep 2018

Disneyland Diaries: Day Three.

After an amazing night watching Illuminations and breaking the bank on merch, I wasn’t really ready for it to be our last day. And boy! Was it going to be a long one.

2 Sep 2018

Sick Again? Say What? Health Anxiety & Me.

I have decided that as well as the teeth crackling sweet posts I do about beauty products and the watered down ‘life’ updates I also wanted to blog about ‘real’ stuff.

20 Aug 2018

Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Sparkle Stick of Dreams

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Stick
A sparkle shadow stick has been on my to buy list for AGES, in fact the obsession started with By Terry and then as soon as I saw Bobbi Brown had released something similar, I knew which had taken precedent.

16 Aug 2018

Sharing My Shelves: Summer Readin'.

Sadly I haven’t really picked up a book since we moved into our new house. I think when we are well and truly settled the urge will take me again.

13 Aug 2018

Review: Urban Decay's Backtalk Palette.

Say hello to my new love. The pink perfect palette of dreams (try saying that 10 x fast!) Urban Decay’s Backtalk palette.

9 Aug 2018

Review: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush.

I am probably a bit late to the party writing about Benefit's Gold Rush, but I felt like a real review is justified. I am probably the biggest ambassador of Benefit blushers going, as you can see from my I Covet Thee series.

6 Aug 2018

Disneyland Diaries: Day Two.

After having a bit of a sleep in and sharing my pretty pitiful dining plan breakfast with Phoebe, it was time to hit the parks, and wearing my new hoodie to boot. The weather was perfect, sunny but kinda cool.

2 Aug 2018

Summer Goals.

I cannot describe to you the importance of setting myself goals every now and again. I am one of those people who always needs something to work towards. That’s why setting myself realistic goals (not ones like; learning how to play Chopsticks on the piano) is so necessary.

30 Jul 2018

Review: Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation.

I think this has to be my most anticipated foundation purchase ever. I have been eyeing up Kat Von D's Lock-it foundation ever since I saw it in Sephora in 2017, and you know what? The disappointment is real.

26 Jul 2018

A Summer Life Update.

Hello, hi! So, I thought it was about time I got my blogging butt back into gear, and what better way to kick that off with a small life update.

23 Jul 2018

Disneyland Diaries: Day One.

Disneyland Paris
I am always going to call this the holiday that nearly didn’t happen. It’s a long, and stressful story, and one that I won’t bore you with now! Obviously we did manage to get on the plane in the end, and boy! Am I glad we did! Since my trip to Walt Disney World in 2015 I was seriously craving some Disney magic.

21 Apr 2018

What I have been watching, reading, and doing lately.

To say April has been a busy month for me is an absolute understatement. Everything has just been so quick and full on, I feel like having time to breathe is a bit of a luxury! Hence why Flourish & Blotting had to take a little bit of a back seat until it all calmed down. But here I am with a little bit of an update.

5 Apr 2018

Phoebe Turns 1.

I can officially say I have a one year old.. How crazy is that? To say that she had an understated birthday wouldn’t be far from the truth. I mean, how long can we get away with it not being a really dear do? Not very long let me tell you!

2 Apr 2018

Review: Lush Sleepy.

Lush Sleepy
Admittedly, I am one to buy into anything that promotes good sleep. Since Phoebe was born I have forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like! I mean, even when she sleeps through, which is most nights, I really struggle to just turn off and have a peaceful slumber. I guess even when there is nothing wrong I am still worrying about what could be!

31 Mar 2018

False Lash Loving.

Everybody loves a great pair of false eyelashes. I feel like I have done my ‘mummy’ time of not much glam, and been more muslin than magnificent but that’s about to change.

29 Mar 2018

Review: Benefit BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara.

I love a good mascara release, and no one really does it better than Benefit. Wondering what all the fuss was about I purchased the Benefit BADgal BANG mascara mini to give it a full review.

26 Mar 2018

A Spring Makeup Update.

With Spring finally making an appearance I couldn't wait to change up my makeup accordingly. As a sucker for a pretty palette, or two, I try and keep things in rotation depending on my mood and according to what my skin is up to.

17 Mar 2018

Phone Apps I Use.

I recently upgraded to an iphone 7+, yey to no more eye strain, so I thought I would do a little updated what’s on my phone blog post. A more comprehensive one at that!

15 Mar 2018

My No Makeup Makeup Look.

I have to be up and out pretty sharpish in the mornings, hey! A girl needs her sleep! So, leaving it till last minute to jump outta bed is essential. As is having a quick and easy work day makeup routine.

12 Mar 2018

My Every Day Jewellery.

Missoma Orb Earrings
 I love everything about jewellery; wearing it, receiving it, looking at it.. EVERYTHING. I am sure I was a magpie in another life because literally I am drawn to anything that has a slight sparkle to it. So, I thought I would do a blog post on what I have been currently wearing.

10 Mar 2018

Spring Transitional Makeup.

Spring Transitional Makeup
I am absolutely loving the light mornings and evenings at the minute. I don’t think I have ever appreciated the beginning of Spring so much as I have this year. I guess that is down to me starting work at ridiculous o’clock in the morning and wanting more of an afternoon/evening with Phoebe when I get in.

8 Mar 2018

I Covet Thee: Benefit's Galifornia.

Benefit's Galifornia Blush
This is my perfect flush, no joke, it’s like this shade was made for me. Until Galifornia came a long I was the biggest embassador of Coralista. It was my perfect blush and part of the Real Cheeky Party Palette set I bought at Barcelona airport many moons ago.

5 Mar 2018

My 2017 Beauty Products.

I know it is probably a little late to be doing a 2017 review kinda post, but better late than never, right? Also, this post has taken me a little longer to write because I wanted to make sure that these products were thee best of the best, if you catch my drift?

3 Mar 2018

I See You; Spectacle Review The Ray-Ban RB5355.

The Ray-Ban RB5355
If you didn’t know, I have been wearing spectacles since I was about 13 years old. I probably should have been wearing them a lot sooner than that but I managed to get through school by copying my friend’s work and asking her to recite everything that was written on the blackboard.. Well, what can I say? Glasses just weren’t the ‘in’ thing in good old 1997.

1 Mar 2018

First Impressions; NARS Wanted Palette.

NARS Wanted Palette
This has got to be the holy grail of eye shadow palettes for 2018, and yes I know it’s still only February. It also has the price tag to prove it, but who cares for such a stunningly beautiful product.. That is not to say I didn’t do a little weep into the mothballs rolling around my purse.

26 Feb 2018

"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet."

Ineffabless Name Necklace
Do you know how long I have wanted a necklace like this one? Forever; that’s how long! Ok, maybe not forever but a pretty long time!

24 Feb 2018

We Be Brunchin.

I feel like I have neglected the Liverpool side of my blog for quite some time, but now Phoebe is old enough to sit through a meal without too much of an incident I am ready to jump back into it. And by that I mean reviews, days out, nights out, events, etc. etc.

22 Feb 2018

Best Investments As A Blogger.

I love doing helpful posts, probably because I rely on them so much myself. I thought I would compile a list of all my essential blog investments. So if you are just starting out, or you have been blogging for a little while and want to up your game a little, these might be some of the things you might consider putting your money towards.

19 Feb 2018

I Covet Thee; Eyeko Black Magic Mascara.

I am finding that I am getting less and less impressed by most mascaras, but when I tried this one from Eyeko Black Magic Mascara I immediately loved it. Hence its well-deserved place in the I Covet series.

17 Feb 2018

My Everyday Life Essentials.

So what defines a life essential? Looking at my list... Some pretty menial things by far, but this isn’t a completely serious post!

12 Feb 2018

Life Lately; A Kind Of Weekly Edit.

So, a lot has been happening over the past month and I just felt like giving you all a little life update. I love reading these sort of posts, not my own obviously because I just think I’m boring, but they really appeal to my inner nosiness nature.

10 Feb 2018

My Favourite Scents.

Perfume is such a personal thing isn't it? There is no way I would let anyone buy me a perfume without me asking for it first. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

8 Feb 2018

What I Want To Watch This Year.

Now we seem to have Phoebe's bedtime down to a tee, give or take a few teething exceptions, it means we have finally gotten our evenings back. I kinda feel like I have missed out on so much good TV in the past year, so as we are ploughing through Mc Mafia and Spiral, here are a few of my longer term goals.

5 Feb 2018

The Extra-Ordinary.

I was so excited to receive these products from The Ordinary. I know I am light years behind every other blogger but a review years (slight exaggeration) after the product debuted is better than no review at all, right?

3 Feb 2018

Where I Buy My Blogging Props.

I’m one of those bloggers that keeps all kinds of things in the hope that one day I will be able to feature it in a blog photo. For an extreme example I kept the stringy cardboard padding that came in a parcel once because liked the shade of pink it was.. Yeah, I have a problem.

1 Feb 2018

The Fenty Beauty Bandwagon.

I know, it has taken me how long? I guess I just wanted to make sure I picked the right products for me. Don't get me wrong, I would still love to try the foundation, Retouch Primer and Blotting Powder.. then there was the gorgeous Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette.

29 Jan 2018

Back To Work Zoella Essentials.

Can you believe my maternity is over? I bloomin can't. It was only a month ago that I was pondering the fact that Phoebe has been with us, longer than she was in my belly. The phrase 'Time flies' doesn't even cover it.

27 Jan 2018

I Covet Thee; Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Balm.

I promised I would do a couple of blog posts on my favourite products from the Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar, so here it is! The 'I Covet Thee' series.

25 Jan 2018

A Tribute To Tilbs; The Instant Look in a Palette.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette in Beauty Glow.  I have wanted one of these palettes in like, forever, and since it was the last one in John Lewis with a squished box to boot, they gave us an extra 10% off!

22 Jan 2018

In all Soap's Glory.

So in keeping with what I got for Christmas I thought I would do a blog post on the Soap & Glory's Soaprise set, which I picked up in the sales on Boxing Day. The Boots near me also has a tonne left so I am pretty sure it is still available nationwide if you wanted to pick one up yourself.

20 Jan 2018

Sharing My 2018 Shelves.

As you know, picking up a book nowadays is pretty alien to me, and I hate that. For someone who has worked many years in the book industry, it kind of hurts? Ya know?
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