Back To Work Zoella Essentials.

Can you believe my maternity is over? I bloomin can't. It was only a month ago that I was pondering the fact that Phoebe has been with us, longer than she was in my belly. The phrase 'Time flies' doesn't even cover it.

Anyway, that being said, I managed to pick up a couple of Zoella back to work essentials in the January sales, you know, to ease myself back in.

I love Zoella's lifestyle range, maybe not the prices of some of the items (cough - advent calendar gate - cough) but the overall styling of them is lovely, very Instagramable, and obviously blogger friendly.

Cosy Vibes Mug
This is the perfect coffee mug, not too big and not too small. I have this thing with mugs.. No really, I do. For my herbal teas I love a nice big mug, preferable Disney in this case. For my coffee or tea, I prefer a much smaller mug.

The only downside to this product, if you can call it that because who doesn't love the gold and teal combination, is the fact you can't put it in the microwave.. Well you can if you want some indoor fireworks to liven up the work day.

Weekly Desk Planner
I thought this desk planner would come in really handy when a post-it note isn't to hand and I have a sudden idea or phone call message to note down. I love the weekly layout, and the print is bright and fun. I can't wait to start using this properly.

What other Zoella products, beauty or otherwise, should I pick up next?