Best Investments As A Blogger.

I love doing helpful posts, probably because I rely on them so much myself. I thought I would compile a list of all my essential blog investments. So if you are just starting out, or you have been blogging for a little while and want to up your game a little, these might be some of the things you might consider putting your money towards.

A Domain
Before purchasing my domain through Blogger I just had a name redirect which was the same price, nonsensical, right? When I finally worked out how to purchase my own flourishnblotting.co.uk was born. Of course my DA score starts again from scratch but I am really happy with the move and hopefully I will be taken a little bit more seriously by brands and PR companies. This is a relatively cheap way of investing in your blog and I think it only cost about £10 for the year.

And I am talking things like Buffer, Hypetype and Word Swag. Don’t get me wrong free apps are really great too, but if you want to avoid all the annoying adverts and really look like you know what you are doing, paying that little bit extra to get rid of those things gets a thumbs up from me. Some are a little pricier than others but you won’t find yourself spending over a fiver for any of them I don’t think. I will be doing an updated what's on my iPhone very soon.

Probably the most important, and costly investments you can make towards your blog. I mean, there are lots of cheap, even free themes out there but if you really want to catch your readers’ attention and make the interface as accessible as possible then this is definitely worth looking into. If possible, have a look on Etsy. There are usually some nice, user friendly themes on there for about £20. I always think that is a good price to pay if you are still finding your feet in the blogosphere and don’t really want to jump in and spend a fortune.

Photography Props
These can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish. A lot of the more expensive pieces I use i.e. the Hello sign, and the Jo Malone candle are actually things that I have and use around the house. It’s kinda funny, I tend to see saw when it comes to blogging props. Some of my items may be expensive but then my backing paper is just wallpaper cut offs from my local DIY store. I have done a few budget friendly blog posts on blogging props, which you can find here, here and here.

This is my newest investment and probably the priciest. I pay 9.99 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop as part of a package. You can pay all at once but I don’t think it is any, or at all cheaper. This has revolutionised my blog photos and it has made it 10 times easier to bulk edit multiple photos from the same shoot. Before I was just using a free app on my phone, which was fine, but not ideal when it came to adjusting the nitty gritty. Also, what it looks like on a phone screen is often completely different to what it looks like on a computer.

Light Reflector
This has been a life saver in the winter months. I no longer use a lightbox for my photos, reflections are a too much of a nightmare, so I usually place this opposite my window and towards my photo taking set up. I bought this particular one from eBay and I have never looked back.

What have been your best investments?