The Carrie Necklace Of SITC Dreams.

Ineffabless Name Necklace
Do you know how long I have wanted a necklace like this one? Forever; that’s how long! Ok, maybe not forever but a pretty long time!

I guess I wasn’t entirely convinced on how this piece of jewellery would hold up. I tend to go for more timeless pieces, pieces that withstand the test of time and can be worn forever.. years on I feel like these type of necklaces have definitely earned their place in my jewellery box, and when Ineffabless offered to send me one I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

Ineffabless Name Necklace
We can’t escape the Sex in the City (SITC) vibes, so let’s just get that out the way at the start. I am the biggest fan of SITC, so much so I made James traipse around Greenwich in New York for what seemed like hours until we had found the infamous Carrie steps. This TV series has helped me through some really tough times in the past and I know it probably resonates with a lot of you reading this blog. (I hope!) Carrie’s necklace was always something I coveted, so I am absolutely chuffed to bits I own one now.

It has an extendable chain and can be worn at any length which is great. A lot of my clothes necklines vary and it’s nice to be able to adjust my necklace so it can be seen and shown off. It also means layering it with other necklaces is an option too. I also like the fact that the chain is also relatively delicate. I have always thought I have quite a masculine neck.. odd eh? So anything that helps it look a bit more feminine and girly gets a big thumbs up from me.

On the Ineffabless website it is also available in silver and rose gold and in different type faces, but I went for the gold plated ‘Carrie’ style in the brush script, well, I couldn’t not could I? (Click here) Compared to other necklaces of its style it is relatively inexpensive and purse friendly without compromising on quality. I mean, it doesn’t come wrapped in a light teal box with a white ribbon, but we can’t all afford that sort of luxury on a daily/weekly/yearly basis! It looks beautiful on and that’s what is important!

Ineffabless Name Necklace
The service is great too. From the minute I requested my necklace it took about 2 weeks to arrive on my doorstep, and for personalised jewellery that’s not bad. In fact, it’s the perfect gift. So if you have any birthday’s coming up, or special events; a wedding, christening etc. this would make an amazing personalised present for someone without breaking the bank.

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in?