My Everyday Life Essentials.

So what defines a life essential? Looking at my list... Some pretty menial things by far, but this isn’t a completely serious post!

My iPhone 6s;  Of course this is a life essential.
As difficult is it to admit, I rely on my phone for everything. It is my diary, playlist, point of contact for the nursery, to do list, etc. etc. I do try and have nights away from it every now and again but that’s not always possible. Now I am back to work I pretty much have to do all my social media/blog stuff of an evening, or early morning depending on how productive I’m feeling.

Primer; For those non makeup makeup days.
My favourite has to be the Stila One Step Correct Primer, it mattify’s and corrects any redness/discolouration. Actually, I wrote a blog post all about it which you can read here. I also want to include tinted moisturisers under this umbrella too. Gotta love a light base that takes two seconds to apply. Three words; winning at life. My favourite is the Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer.

Amazon Fire Stick; A true gift from the gods.
Having all the catch up TV in the world at the touch of a tiny remote is just brilliant. I think I’d be lost without it, especially as the Disney Life app is available on it too and what can I say? Phoebe loves Clubhouse Mickey (Starting her young, obvs.)

Bath robe; I'm your regular Hugh Hefner at home.
I recently saw a meme on Twitter about how it should be made acceptable to wear my dressing gown to work and it just rang so true. Same goes for pj’s TBH. The one I have is the amazingly snuggly Shaggy Teddy Robe. And I recently purchased these gorgeous ASOS shirt and short combo in the sale too. Just look at that print.

Lipstick; Brings together any outfit and lifts the mood.
Fact. My confidence never fails to improve after I have applied my favourite lipstick. I recently updated my MAC lipstick collection, go see.

Coffee; As a new mum, this fast becomes your best friend.
I can sink at least 4 cups of coffee a day now, bad, huh? I really need to kick the habit, and now I am back in work I hope I can jump back on the water train pretty quickly. HOWEVER I would probably live and die by the Tassimo machine. Ok, so maybe not so dramatic as that but yeah.

What are your everyday essentials?