The Fenty Beauty Bandwagon.

I know, it has taken me how long? I guess I just wanted to make sure I picked the right products for me. Don't get me wrong, I would still love to try the foundation, Retouch Primer and Blotting Powder.. then there was the gorgeous Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette.

Match Stix Trio in Light
I had been eyeing this up for so long. The convenience of this product really drew me to it, and I am all about convenience. This little trio will be perfect for work, a swipe here, a bit of blending there and I am all done. Well, in a perfect world.

The formula is so creamy and the concealer suites my fair skin perfectly, although I kind of regret not picking this up in the darker shade just for the contour.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
Admittedly this was a spur of the moment, put in my basket and hope that it's good, kinda purchase. I really wanted something that was more natural than a lipstick but was comfortable to wear and still looked like I was wearing something, ask for much?!

This rose nude shade ticks all those boxes. Like any lip product it's not *great* when it comes to eating and drinking, but the wand is easy to use, and you can apply on the go without a mirror.

What have you used in the Fenty Beauty range, any recommendations?