Where I Buy My Blogging Props.

I’m one of those bloggers that keeps all kinds of things in the hope that one day I will be able to feature it in a blog photo. For an extreme example I kept the stringy cardboard padding that came in a parcel once because liked the shade of pink it was.. Yeah, I have a problem.

First and foremost for blog prop storage. I mean, what’s the point of investing in props if you have no place to store them. When I first started blogging all I used was a canvas bag, now I have graduated to a big cardboard box. I can see in the future that I may have to invest in something that is a little bit bigger and sturdier.

Sale items only, obviously! You can always count on Anthropologie for beautiful pieces to up your photography game. I love their trinket dishes, mugs and materials.

What can’t you buy from Amazon? I find this is great for cheap confetti, sequins, ribbon etc. I also bought my first lot of photo backing paper from here. I am also looking into purchasing some gold embroidery scissors from here because, you know, blogger basic.

DIY Store
This is the perfect place for all your backdrop needs. I have an amazing stash of white washed wooden floorboard wallpaper off cuts.

I always find here a little bit on the pricey side, but they always have blogging prop must haves. You know those copper bells? Of course you know them! Well, Paperchase is your place. I also always have a little nosey at their wrapping paper. The patterned sheet wrapping paper I find breaks up the background a little bit and gives the photo more depth and texture.

For discounted and Instagramable stationery. I promise you will struggle not to find anything without gold foil in here. They also have lovely homeware, cushions, throws etc. Which are perfect for interior shots.

Home Bargains/Aldi
My two favourite discount stores and absolutely amazing for candles and anything copper.

One place I would love to try is H&M Home and for bigger items; Redoute.