I See You; Spectacle Review The Ray-Ban RB5355.

The Ray-Ban RB5355
If you didn’t know, I have been wearing spectacles since I was about 13 years old. I probably should have been wearing them a lot sooner than that but I managed to get through school by copying my friend’s work and asking her to recite everything that was written on the blackboard.. Well, what can I say? Glasses just weren’t the ‘in’ thing in good old 1997.

I previously mentioned in my Life Lately blog post that I felt like my eyesight had changed slightly since having Phoebe, and by changed I mean gotten worse. Thankfully not as much as I had thought. With my new prescription in hand I picked out some new gigs. I think judging by this blog post it is fair to say that I love them.

The Ray-Ban RB5355
I went for the style RB 5355 with a thinner lens and protective coating. As a side note I think I should say; it’s not like I have bottle tops for lenses, and that my eyesight is really bad, it’s not. I just have a really sensitive nose and any sort of weight on makes it really uncomfortable, and by uncomfortable I mean a red nose like Rudolph.

That being said my frame is primarily brown tortoise shell plastic with accented gold hinges and bridge. Unusually for a plastic frame, it has nose pads, which I have come to absolutely love. No longer to my glasses slip down my nose at an alarming rate, they actually stay put, with near to no adjustment. 

They are oh so classy too, I love the European style rounder frame. They make me feel a bit more exotic than a Surrey girl living in South Liverpool. The bigger lens means that there is no real infringing from the frame in my vision which I love, especially when you opt for a thicker plastic frame. In the past I have really been able to see the frame in my peripheral which really bugged me and wasn’t great for driving, you know?

The logo on the side is understated but essential because, well, Ray-ban’s you know? But it actually looks pretty good. I feel like this style of specs would suit anyone; blonde, brunette, fair, or olive skinned, you can’t really go wrong with brown and gold hardware.

Do you have a go to glasses brand?