My Every Day Jewellery.

Missoma Orb Earrings
 I love everything about jewellery; wearing it, receiving it, looking at it.. EVERYTHING. I am sure I was a magpie in another life because literally I am drawn to anything that has a slight sparkle to it. So, I thought I would do a blog post on what I have been currently wearing.

Missoma Earrings – These were actually a going back to work present, from me, to me. You know, treat yo self. The ever so popular Lucy Williams Tiny Orb Hoops and they really are as pretty in real life as you see in pictures. They are also quite understated so, if like me you aren’t used to wearing hoop earrings these are a great starting off point.

James got me the Astral Crawler earrings for my birthday and as much as I love them, they are such a pain to wear! They are kind of uncomfy, move around, and get easily caught on things. Nightmare!

Daniel Wellington Watch
Scotch & soda necklace – Funnily enough I actually received this necklace attached to a top I bought  and I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of it. It is also a really good length and not choker-ish in the slightest. Freebie shmeebie, I love it, and it really perks up a plain looking top no end. So, when I am feeling really blah about my work wardrobe and just really can’t be bothered, I just pop this on.

DW watch. – When I am not wearing my Apple iWatch I opt for the classic Daniel Wellington Bristol Ladies' Brown Leather Strap Watch. It is timeless (geddit?) classy and goes with anything I am wearing. I went for rose gold metal because, well, rose gold.

I also have my eye on these tiffany leaf creepers. So pretty! But also very expensive.

Love, Jo