Phone Apps I Use.

I recently upgraded to an iphone 7+, yey to no more eye strain, so I thought I would do a little updated what’s on my phone blog post. A more comprehensive one at that!

Hypetype | I know there was a lot of hype about this app to begin with but guess what? I still use it! I purchased all the add ons, and I am so glad I did. I use this app daily to spruce up my IG stories and I think it looks a million times better with no ads.

Followers+ | When I deleted Crowdfire I swore I wouldn’t download another app which tracks my followers. The paranoia is real, ya know? I hate the unfollow/follow culture but I was losing so many followers a day I just had to see what was going on. It’s disappointing when you see a fellow blogger you have followed and supported unfollow you but such is life. I am toying with paying for the subscription so I can follow multiple social media accounts, but I don't know whether that would be taking it too far!

Canva | This is one of my favourite graphic apps. You can use it for multiple design possibilities on multiple platforms. It is definitely a bit trickier than the other apps out there, but the finish is always good.

Disney Life | The best £4.99 I spend each month. Not only can I watch Disney films at a drop of the hat, Phoebe is entertained on long car journeys and dinner times. I couldn't ask for more!

Tesco Mobile | This app is a revelation to me. Sorry if I sound like I am from the Stone Age (granny at heart) but I can track how much data I am using at the click of a button! It used to be I would await nervously for that dreaded text message saying I only had 250mb left and still have 10 days to go, but not any more! I tend to be a bit more savvy with my online browsing now I can monitor it.

Amazon | Such a danger to me, having my Amazon prime account so handy spells disaster for my bank account, but oh so handy! I couldn’t not include it. The interface is easy to navigate and it’s a handy little app to have even if you don’t have a Prime account.

Sorcerer Radio | For all you Walt Disney World fans out there; sorcerer radio is a 24/7 playlist of all the songs played in the Florida parks. Disney blues? Not me!

Spotify | I have the premium subscription and I love it. My, albeit short, commute to work is made much more bearable with the back catalogue of Britney Spears albums at my disposal.

What are your favourite apps?

Love, Jo