Phoebe Turns 1.

I can officially say I have a one year old.. How crazy is that? To say that she had an understated birthday wouldn’t be far from the truth. I mean, how long can we get away with it not being a really dear do? Not very long let me tell you!

For presents we just asked for clothes. My dad bought her a new car seat which should see her through till she no longer needs it and a talking Makka Pakka. My mum also bought her the VTech Baby Pop-a-Ball Rock & Pop Turtle, which she is still a bit unsure about, but admittedly is great fun for adults. It feels like the house is bursting at the seams with toys, but I couldn’t resist getting her her favourite Talking Duggee Plush Toy and the Toot-Toot Baby Driver to go on her pram as little things to open in the morning.

I opted for a rainbow cake, which was delicious and Instagram aesthetic goals and decorations from Ginger Ray. I am hoping to use these decorations again as maybe something that can be put up in her new room when we move.

The day before we visited my family and on her actual birthday we went and bought her her first pair of shoes. She hated the whole thing, and pretty much screamed Clarks down during the process. I live in hope that she will get used to them and realise that they are her only hope of walking outside.

I thought this might be a good time to write up a little Phoebe update too. At the minute she is taking very tentative steps, more and more everyday infact. I don’t think it will be too long before she is running around the place, but she just needs to build up her confidence first.

She has 5 teeth; 3 on the top and two on the bottom. They are the cutest little pearlies you ever did see too. We haven’t had much of an issue with teething. Phoebe has been sleeping through the night since she was about 5 months old (and been in her own room since 4 months), only waking up on the odd occasion when she is poorly.

Weaning has gone well. We never entertained the baby led weaning method (sorry!) and she can now feed herself without problem. For main meals we tend to feed her ourselves, but I doubt it will be long before she is taking that out of our hands too. Her favourite foods are egg, spaghetti, fish pie and coconut yogurt (she’s lactose intolerant).

It feels like she is growing every day and still remains in the healthy 50th percentile for everything.. A long way off the 9th percentile she was born into! Her favourite toys are anything you can stack and that falls down. She loves her cookie jar, feeding table and Duggee toy. Which leads on nicely to her favourite TV shows. Hey Duggee is by far her favourite followed by Teletubbies, Twirlywoo’s, In the Night Garden, Peppa Pig.. the list is endless.

She loves to read, anything that has flaps or things to touch is the one. The ‘That’s Not My’ series is a firm favourite in our house. Bath books are also a winner, in fact anything to do with the bath always gets smiles from Phoebe. Being incredibly chatty she can now say Dada, there, hello and bye. She also waves, claps her hands, picks up the phone and holds it to her ear, and points to things.

In all, I think we are incredibly blessed. She is such a funny, active child, and often so easy to care for. Ducks and cats still remain to be her favourite animals, flying through the air always incites the dirtiest laugh, swimming is still a joy every week, and she bops and sways to all sorts of music.

What a year eh?

Love, Jo