A Summer Life Update.

Hello, hi! So, I thought it was about time I got my blogging butt back into gear, and what better way to kick that off with a small life update.

01. Firstly, and probably the most important/significant is that we finally moved house. I cannot, and do not, want to describe how stressful it has been. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies! Especially with a 15 month old in tow. There was a point when I didn’t think it would happen. We were being messed about all over the place, even by our own solicitors. The day we finally got the keys we were told that the holdup was actually just an outright lie so the whole process would be in our buyer’s hands... Nice, right?! My one piece of advice would be; don’t mess people around when it comes to buying houses, everyone loses out in the end!

However, despite this we are almost settled. The house is furnished, and there are just a few rooms that still need a little bit of work. I say ‘work’ but because it is a new build it is more to do with soft furnishings than actual DIY. You know, Mongolian throw cushions, rattan effect mirrors and the like…

02. These last couple of months have been plagued with illness too. We have literally all taken it in turns to get sick, and you know what? I am personally sick of it now! I don’t know whether it’s the weather, or just the stress of it all! I have everything crossed though that that’s the end of it. I swear I have lost weight because of it all too. I now fit into the majority of my post baby clothes, which is fab, although it has taken me 15 months to get there, and about 3 tummy bugs in the process! Silver linings and all that.

03. This obviously meant it had an impact on the last minute Disneyland holiday I booked. I seriously didn’t think we would make it. I honestly didn’t even want to go at that point. We had just moved 4 days prior and everything was just such a mess. But you know what? Some Disney magic was just all I needed. So much so, I have just booked to go back there in September. Baby free and eager to do all the shows and parades that we missed, because trying to get a toddler to sit through something is nigh impossible.

Do you know what? I think that’s it! It may not sound as stressful and as dramatic as I made out on social media, but everything looks better after the event and written down, doesn’t it?

How's your summer so far?

Love, Jo