Disneyland Diaries: Day Two.

After having a bit of a sleep in and sharing my pretty pitiful dining plan breakfast with Phoebe, it was time to hit the parks, and wearing my new hoodie to boot. The weather was perfect, sunny but kinda cool.

Our first ride was Dumbo the flying elephant of course, Phoebe loved it, but then I knew she would. We then followed that with It’s a Small World and then Peter Pans Flight. We then had a quick popcorn break, a must if you are at any Disney park. Disney popcorn is quite possibly the best popcorn you will ever have. I opted for the novelty bucket of course. I am such a sucker for anything with a date on, in fact, anything Disney!

After our snack thus followed a scavenger hunt down Main Street for the DLP exclusive Pandora charms.

Tip: I found both of them in the Disneyland Hotel shop thanks to a lovely customer overheard one of the cast members tell me that they had all sold out.

I picked up a couple more bits in the Emporium before heading over to the studios to do the movie tour, and try and get a fast pass for Ratatouille. I had never been to the Studio’s side of the park before, mainly because I think the last time I visited when I was 21, it was still being built.

Part of me was a little bit disappointed by how small it was, I guess in my head I was comparing it to Hollywood Studios, and the truth is? All Disney parks are incomparable, even my vague memories of Anaheim when I was 12. Unfortunately, Ratatouille was down so we decided to head back to the hotel to relax, maybe have a nap, and to take Phoebe swimming. She loved it!

After dinner in the hotel again (girl loves her Disney buffets… also girl booked too last minute to get any dining reservations!) we spent the evening in Disneyland. We managed to go on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and Pirates of the Caribbean which were pretty much walk ons since everyone was already starting to wait for Illuminations. After a coffee to keep up awake Phoebe started to get more and more upset. She is such a creature of habit and it was already 10pm, 3 hours past her bedtime! There was just no way she was going to wait until 11pm for the fireworks. In the end James took her back to the hotel room and I stayed to watch Illuminations. It was... AMAZING.

I never got a chance to really watch Wishes in Disney World. I was always a bit cautious of getting back to the hotel that late to stay. I managed to record a bit, but mainly I just wanted to watch it and just be part of the magic.

Tip: I got a pretty good spec last minute, but I recommend (if possible!) to try and get there a bit earlier. When you are closer to the front there is less chance your view will be obscured by ten million gajillion phones/cameras.

When it finished I did a bit more shopping, picking Phoebe up an adorable Simba hoodie, Lightening McQueen toy car, Buzz Lightyear light up figure and of course another jumper for me. I managed to get back to the hotel room just after midnight and show James some of the footage. I wish he got a chance to see it, but there is always next year!

Love, Jo