Review: Urban Decay's Backtalk Palette.

Say hello to my new love. The pink perfect palette of dreams (try saying that 10 x fast!) Urban Decay’s Backtalk palette.

This review has certainly been a long time coming, but believe me it is worth the wait! I love Urban Decay eye shadow palettes after receiving my first one only last Christmas.

I also love multifunctional 1 piece products. Being a mum means not a lot of time in the mornings, so anything to make getting ready quicker and easier gets a massive thumbs up from me. Being able to mix and match eye shades with my blush has been heaven. I sometimes worry that none of my face will match if I am left entirely to my own devices.

As with any Urban Decay palette all the shades are highly pigmented, and by highly I mean bloomin heavenly! I learnt the hard way that less is certainly more when it comes to the blush. Put it this way, on my first application, a lot of blending had to be done! I honestly didn’t think Cheap Shot would suit me, being more of a coral girl myself, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The highlighters Low Key and Party Foul are subtle, not your Tilbs or your Becca, but they do the job. I mainly use this palette for day use anyway, no one where I work would appreciate a good contour, believe me!

The eye shadows are absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I think they are just too amazing to use, obviously I quickly get over that. Even though I mostly use this palette for daytime use only, there is so much scope for a beautiful pink smoky eye. I have tended to keep it quite simple; Bare and WTF are my go to’s.

I love the travel mirror in the middle, although the fact that it is detachable worries me. You know, more likely to get lost, or damaged, but there are magnets which seem to keep it pretty much in place.  This palette definitely screams ‘use me’ it is just so pretty, right?

Have you used this palette yet? Thoughts?

Love, Jo