Summer Goals.

I cannot describe to you the importance of setting myself goals every now and again. I am one of those people who always needs something to work towards. That’s why setting myself realistic goals (not ones like; learning how to play Chopsticks on the piano) is so necessary.

Lose weight, healthily
Since multiple bouts of sickness has brought my appetite to a complete halt I seem to have lost the majority of my post baby weight. And as great as being back to a size 10 (almost!) may sound, it wasn’t done particularly healthily. I suppose it has given me the boot I needed to get myself feeling better and eat better in the process. I have actually turned to vegetarianism, with some vegan alternatives thrown in too. And do you know what? My old work clothes have started to fit again, and I am starting to gain back a teeny tiny bit of energy which is needed when you have to run after a 15 month old.

So far it is going great. I absolutely adore dark chocolate now (who would have thunk it!) in moderation, of course! And we have subscribed to a meal mail plan which gives us 3 decent, meals a week, which is perfect. It is reassuring to know you will have some good food with the occiaional quick baked potato thrown in. I am planning to make the most of our swimming pool at Newport Bay in September and that means serious bikini dieting.

Crack a few more spines
I really want to read more. There was a point during moving when we didn’t have a television in our bedroom, and it was the best thing ever! I will be updating you on my summer reading list very soon, so watch out.

Get back into blogging
Tick! I think my mojo has finally returned. Being a bit more settled has meant that I am able to plan things and my head can finally focus on things I really want to do rather than it be house, house, HOUSE!

Finish decorating the house
Obviously not decorating in the painting sense, more soft furnishings, and turning the house into our forever home. Obviously this is going to take some time because finding out what works for us doesn’t necessarily happen overnight! The best news I heard when we moved in was that the house shouldn’t be wallpapered or decorated for a least a year from when it was first built to give it time to settle.. like I need that as an excuse. White walls all the way! 

Up my beauty game
In the past couple of months I have let myself slip slightly, and by that I mean barely using a face wipe in the evening before bed.. I desperately need a haircut, and my nails, eyelashes, EVERYTHING, has seen better days. Phoebe spent her first nights away from me in June, and you know, it wasn’t terrible! Thank goodness for grandparents, right? I might try and make this a more regular occurrence because not only did it give me and James some much needed time to reconnect, but it meant I felt almost like a human doing it!

What are your summer goals?

Love, Jo