Disneyland Diaries: Day Three.

After an amazing night watching Illuminations and breaking the bank on merch, I wasn’t really ready for it to be our last day. And boy! Was it going to be a long one.

Our flight wasn’t until 9pm that night so in the morning we made a beeline for Ratatouille. As fate would have it, it was down again, but we waited it out and eventually it reopened! Me and James both went on as single riders because Phoebe was possibly a bit too young for it. Plus she can’t keep her socks on the majority of the time, good luck trying to get her to wear a pair of 3D glasses!

I had every intention to catch Mickey and the Magician, but with an impatient 15 month old I knew it would be a bit of an impossibility. So, we had one last wander around Studios and then went over to Disneyland for some lunch and a few more rides. We ended up going to Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost; it was ok, kinda disappointing, but I was very aware that before the trip that most quick service restaurants aren’t really comparable to their US counterparts!

Tip: don’t eat outside in the summer months. My word! Never have I seen so many midgies. They were everywhere! 

After lunch, and a change of clothes for Phoebe (honestly I was such a bad mum! I had forgotten her spare clothes so I had to rush out and buy her something.. honestly though, I don’t really need a reason to shop in Disney) We then went on Snow White, the carousel, and visited Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  It was clearly time for an ice cream break and a nap for Phoebe. 3 words. The French Cornetto. What is that about? It’s quadruple the size of the British ones, and 10 times more tastier!

We then went back to the hotel an hour before our coach was due to relax, have a coffee and do a bit of mooching around. I was definitely sad to go but Disney holidays are exhausting enough, and doubly so with a toddler in tow. It just made me even more excited to visit again next year. Phoebe will be able to go on things like the Speedway and in turn builds her up for a bigger trip to Walt Disney World in 2020.

Exciting times!
Love, Jo