Sparkle Sticks Are My Jam.

BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar Frozen Quartz
I finally took the plunge and treated myself to the Ombre Blackstar By Terri creme eyeshadow in Frozen Quartz. Well, by treated and plunge I mean I waited till it had money off and chas back available through a scheme in work… girl has a large mortgage to pay off now you know?!

Anyway, I can honestly say I was a little bit disappointed with this product. It definitely wasn’t as sparkly as I was expecting and really, I would say it doesn’t fall far from some of the shades from the Urban Decay's Backtalk palette I reviewed here. Like, where are my great big chunks of glitter?

BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar Frozen Quartz
If I could go back I probably wouldn’t have purchased this product, only because I have powder shades that are very similar. I don’t know what I was expecting? I had seen it on other bloggers and it just looked so sheen and shiny..

Why not on me?!

Saying that, the positives are that the application is easy and it is long lasting, even without a primer underneath. I guess I was just spoilt by the Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear sparkle eye shadow stick (reviewed here), in which I would love to purchase the whole range, dollar permitting of course!

BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar Frozen Quartz
This definitely hasn’t put me off trying other BY TERRY products though because in essence this is such a high quality item. The shade is pigmented and long lasting, and the packaging is just beautiful. I guess my disappointment is just all down to what I was expecting and what I wanted to what I actually got from the product. WHICH was a light pink shade of eyeshadow with a little bit of sparkle.

Have you ever tried a product like this?