I Am By No Means A Model But..

I have always been one for being behind the camera, always. I honestly thought the 'Style' tag on my blog would be the one less used, but no more!

Taking outfit photos have taught me even the most camera shy can become a bit of a camera ham when remembering a few things..

This was actually an outtake. I was mid hair adjustment! But it just shows you, you can be the worlds worst poser but it's who is behind the camera that matters most.

Trust your photographer
This is my most important point. And I mean, really trust. Trust is confidence after all. It's important to smile and have fun too! I am very lucky that I have found someone who is as into taking photos as I am, like, I don't even have to ask. Also they take payment in chocolate Revels, so, bonus!

If there is a certain direction you want to go in with your photos you can't be afraid to tell them, even better if they throw in a couple of suggestions too.

It definitely helps if they have had a little bit of experience in the area too, but not always. You gotta start somewhere, and most cameras are very much point and shoot nowadays. When I was in Disneyland I often set the picture up for my sister first and then all she had to do was push the button.

And if all else fails thank goodness for Lightroom!

Have a vision, or don't...
Sometimes the best pictures are ones you haven't planned. A little bit of vision helps though, especially when it comes to certain poses. Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration, but a little bit of originality never goes a miss. When I get a bit more confident I am hoping that my style will develop into something a bit more.. memorable?

That being said, I am SO happy with how these have turned out. Gotta give a girl props for being a 33 year old mum of an 18 month old getting in front of the camera for the first time!

The Quieter the better
Lucky for me, I kind of live close to some relatively quiet rural parts. I definitely couldn't go straight into town and start swapping and changing outfits in the open. What kind of hell is that anyway?! Maybe one day. But as it stands, I am very much a 'is there anybody coming? Quick! Now!' kinda gal.

These ones were taken by a canal out in the countryside where my only audience was the occasional duck swimming past. Perfect!

Don't stress. Outtakes happen
Believe me, for the 5 or so photos that came out ok, there were about 10 with my eyes closed pulling some extremely goofy faces. Hey! It happens. I guess you just have to bite that bullet? If you want to do it, just go for it! The only person stopping you is you in the end. I am by no means perfect, I have a bit of a mum tum and the wonkiest, fangiest teeth ever, but if it makes you feel good, who cares?

What's that saying? Haters gonna hate... That was me tryin' to be all gangster.. doesn't really work, does it?

Anywho! I hope this helped anyone struggling out there. If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below.