What I'm Burning This October.

So, I finally took that plunge and purchased some Bath & Body Works candles via a facebook group. Scary, huh? Honestly, there is such a plethora of groups, I didn't know where to start. Luckily my method of closing my eyes and pointing seemed to do the trick.

If you have never owned a B&BW candle, you are truly missing out. They are so deeply scented, beautifully packaged, and just perfect for any season.

They last too. I have had my Winter Candy Apple candle for near a year now and I am only just about half way through. If you just want to fill a space, you honestly don't have to burn them for long.

I also love the holders you can get for them. It really switches up a room sometimes, especially if you really want to make a feature of them. Honestly though, these candles need no help in making them pretty, they are already stunning.

I had such a positive experience purchasing from a Facebook group too. I have no qualms in recommending them to people. Obviously it's a little bit more expensive than purchasing them for yourself, but then you have to include transatlantic airfare in that, and yeah, a couple of extra quid is worth it.

I picked Marshmallow Fireside & Pumpkin Pecan Waffles as my fall scents and I love them both. What is really good is the fact the compliment each other so well.

Marshmallow Fireside is very vanilla with a hint of woodland and amber. It's incredibly sweet but that is just how I like them. I often imagine my scent preference changing to something more savoury, but not quite yet.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is another sweet one, and I mean REALLY sweet, but I like it. It's perfect for the Halloween/Fall season.

I am looking into winter and Christmas scents.

Recommendations welcome!