REN Skincare To Make You Sparkle Through the Season.

Tis the season to have dull skin, am I right? I feel like I have had chapped and lacking skin since November! No joke.

I have always loved REN skincare, even though it is slightly on the pricey side. I guess my love affair with the brand really started when I was given a sample of Keep Young and Beautiful Firming and Smoothing Serum.
*Products have been gifted for review.
I never thought I would be as invested in the glow tonic fan train as much as I am, but here I stand. REN Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic has to be the best one I have tried. It definitely feels more astringent than the others on the market, and really feels like it cleans my skin.

I have been using this every night before I go to bed and I have definitely noticed a difference in how even my skin tone looks.

Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream is my absolute favourite out of the bunch. It's freshly scented and applies so smoothly. I quite like to wear it under my makeup just to give my skin a bit of a radiant pick me up in the morning.

This product is scheduled to launch on the 2nd January. So set your watches gals!

I have only used the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask a couple of times since it is recommended to use only once a week, but I love it. It just feels like one of those easy life wins when something is so easy to apply, and as a result you get clean, bright, porefect skin in the end.

What is your favourite REN skincare product?