Review: TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset.

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset
If you know me, you know I love my music. There is just something about putting on a pair of headphones and just forgetting yourself, right? And lately I have been absolutely loving the TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset*.

*Product has been gifted for review.
They are so comfortable, lightweight, and surprisingly good quality for the price (they are so affordable!!). The only thing I did find fiddly was adjusting them, and by fiddly I mean stiff. Although, I am sure with a bit more use that will ease up.

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset
 I suppose what you really want to know is how good the sound quality is, and do you know what? They are amazing. They are so bassy, which I love, especially when listening to music. Everything is so clear, definitely the best sound quality I have had out of a pair of headphones in a long while.

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset
As you can tell by the title of this blog post, these can also be used for gaming. I am not the biggest gamer... give me Lemmings and Zool any day, but these are fully immersive. You can hear everything, especially when playing games like Battlefield...

Or so I have been told.

Which brings me on to the fact that these are actually multi functional - you can actually use these for music and not stick out like a sore thumb in public. I have always loved the over the ears 'retro' kind of look, and these suit that aesthetic to a tee.

Also, copper and black... need I say more?

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset
Finally, the hidden microphone is an actual godsend. It's not intrusive, and fits nicely against the body, unlike most gaming headsets which have a boom mic (the thing that comes out of the side and sticks out in front of your mouth). One thing you do have to remember is that if the microphone is left on, there is a very slight clicking noise when you are listening to music.

Note to self: Always turn the mic off!

The *only* issue I found is the fact that you can hear what the other person is listening to, making them possibly not suitable for public transport.. Unless you want a few dirty looks, or someone swaying along to Take That next to you.