Stocking Fillers For The Last Minute Shopper.

I am usually so organised when it comes to Christmas, but this year it just feels like it has snuck up on me and gone 'boo!'. But never fear! I have the perfect gift guide for all you last minuters out there.. We can get through this together, I promise!
*Products have been gifted for review.

SensatioNail Peel Off Nail Polish in Metalling In My Business 
As you know already, my love for my SensatioNail Starter Kit knows no bounds. And depending on the size of the stocking in question, I would definitely opt for the Starter Kit if you have a little bit more dollar to spend.

The Peel Off nail polish is perfect, easy to apply (even easier to remove!) and quicker than the nail polishes that require the UV lamp. The only downfall is that your mani usually only lasts about 2 days. I suppose if you are the indecisive type it’s perfect. However, what’s fab is that if you have a UV light, by just adding the SensatioNail clear base and top coat, they last twice as long!

Also, how festive is this shade?

Although, gold glitter all year round yanno.

Missguided Babe Power Rollerball Perfume
I love these rollerball perfumes. They are great for just chucking in your handbag, and if like me you don’t want to always pack the kitchen sink, these are fab for on the go. I use my Gucci Bloom one religiously, hence why it has just run out.

Daytox Natural Facial Tonic Toner
The perfect pick me up stocking gift for this time of year. I can’t go on enough about how much skin suffers in the winter months, especially when there are always tubs of chocolate on hand… Also, if you have a few heavy makeup days on the run up to the big festive day itself, a clarifying cleanser is all that you need.

Grethers Blackcurrant Pastilles
I am not really a boiled sweetie kinda person (chocolate all day, every day) and before you say it, chocolate is clinically proven to aid a cough... but I know someone these would be perfect for. And who doesn’t get a cold around Christmas? It is like the unwritten rule of Christmas morning for me. I ALWAYS wake up with a scratchy throat.

Thanks germs!

Although, I am hoping that the fact that I am taking minimal time off this year might mean I have less downtime to catch anything. The tin itself is beautifully embossed, vintage style, and quite hardy. Perfect to keep your loose ends in when all the pastilles have gone.

Design.ME Puff Me 
I need little help in the big hair department. What can I say? Naturally curly since 1985, and darn proud of it..? Well, not quite. But this would make the perfect stocking filler for someone struggling with fine hair. You just apply to dry hair and style as normal for instant volume. It is perfect for the festive party season, and a great little affordable gift to add to someone’s beauty arsenal.

Have you got any last minute affordable gift ideas?