A New Year Haul.

I do realise I have been a bit spendy this month, but I very rarely buy full priced items with the exception of new work pants, well, because there is nothing sexy about a saggy bottom!

Boots | (pictured) I desperately needed a new pair of short black boots. Not that there was much wrong with my last pair, but I'd had them for like, 5 years (testament to a good boot that!) and I felt like they just needed updating.

Trousers | Since losing a bit of weight I have really struggled to find things that fit me without having to splurge on new items. Unfortunately, I couldn't hide the fact that my office trousers were just sliding off me. So, I purchased 2 pairs of these (one black, one blue) in the hope that they will see me through any more weight loss, or weight gain for that matter. They are super comfortable, and perfect for work.

Disney Rajah Jumper | (pictured) I admired this back when it was full price, so when it went into the sale I was a little bit undecided. Undecided because I didn't know whether orange would suit me, well, come on! It's a bit of an 'out there' shade, plus it was only available in XS.. But after booking Disneyland Paris for September I just thought..

Why the hell not?

Apple AirPods | I purchased my Apple AirPods a few months ago now (a full review can be found here) but these have to be my favourite purchase of the whole entire year. The sound quality is great, they are easy to wear, discreet, and the battery life is amazing.

Coraline Funko Pop | Like I said in my Christmas Haul, I swore to myself only the special of the special will do when it comes to my Funko Pop collection, otherwise I would be completely overrun. Coraline has always been one of my favourite animated films, let's just say it has gotten me through some very lonely times, and for that I will be forever grateful. She's amazingly cute, and I love that it comes with 'Wuss Puss' as an added little bonus.

As a side note: I was lucky enough to be bought Beetjuice recently too..

Girlfriend perks.

ASOS Disney Mickey Mouse power bank | Like my Rajah jumper, this was a very last minute January Sale purchase. I was half tempted to just edit my Best of the Boxing Day Sales post, but I felt like this little beauty deserved a fresh new blog post instead.

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base | (used in photo) An old, trusty repurchase. I have tried so many lip primers but this one is just the best.

Hourglass Ambient Light Edit, Volume 4 | (used in photo) I am fulfilling my makeup dreams with the purchase of this palette. It's expensive, yes, but honestly, palettes tend to last me forever. I have yet to hit pan on any of my palettes, even after daily use. I am hoping this one is no exception. Pigmentation, and just general prettiness is on point.

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