About Being in Your 30's.

So, as I am sure you already know, I am probably a little bit older than your average beauty blogger. But hopefully, thanks to a proper night (and day!) skincare routine, it's not too obvious. Anyway, I just thought I would write a kind of 'life post' on what you might expect once you reach the oh so glorious age of 3-0..

Starting with the fact that 6:30am and 10:30pm will be the only times you really know, and maybe 3pm for that afternoon snooze.

You will have a 'messy' drawer allocated to all those random bits you think you should throw away, but think better to be safe than sorry. I have a ton of random manuals in mine, like how to build your Fustengartbergerness (completely made that name up there)

You can no longer call your parents and ask for help, because it's just not acceptable in your thirties - put that shelf up by yourself! I am so guilty of this, and to be honest, I have become quite the handyman.. lady, oh!

You know what I mean.

Which leads me directly on to the fact you now have a tool bag, instead of a Mulberry Bayswater. Life just isn't fair, is it?

When you are in your 30's you are expected to have money left at the end of the month, and even *gulp* save it.

What is that about?

Disneyland in other 30 somethings eyes is not a valid holiday destination and well, if you think that you might as well leave this blog right now!

The majority of your shopping list has to be fruit and vegetables, you know, sensible food. Instead of Super Noodles and a bar of Cadbury's. However, I am pretty sure I could argue the validity of such a meal providing the right nutritional values for a balanced diet!

Bills get paid when they land on your doormat because, well, being in your 30's is far too stressful than having bills to worry about. I must admit, I have completely gotten over that stage of playing bill roulette, and waiting for them to turn red.

You are completely expected to have your shit together, because well, you're old! Unfortunately, this is not true in my case. 

What about anyone else?