Best of the Boxing Day Sales.

Crosely Player
Admittedly I hate sale shopping, although I love a bargain. Does that make sense? I hit up Boots and Next as per usual but I did the rest of it online.

This item that has been on my wish list in what feels like forever. I don’t know, there is just something about that initial scratch just before the music starts that really takes me back. Plus, Crosely. There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than this brand. I am in love.

Soap & Glory Bubble Act
A 'small' gift from my Love. I desperately wanted the Soap & Glory Zuki X S&G Bubble Act when it first came out, but then I just kept dismissing it saying I would get it eventually. It was only when it went out of stock online did it spur me on to scouting one out. What would be Boxing Day without a Soap & Glory set, or two?

Soap and Glory
I actually needed another Archery Brow Filling Pencil & Brush and since this set was half price it made sense. I actually love Soap and Glory’s Thick & Fast Mascara too but it has been an absolute age since I used it last. I am hoping it is as good as I remember.

Rifle Paper Co. Phone Case
I got this Rifle Paper Co. phone case in TK Maxx. If you are looking for bargain Rifle Paper Co. items; TK Maxx and Dobbies are your one.

Pandora Tiara Earrings
These  have been on my wish list forever, I absolutely adore the idea of crawler earrings. Anything different and guaranteed I’m there. These beauties were in the sale with free delivery AND an extra 10% off.  I am currently looking at the Disney charms with complete emoji heart eyes. The obsession never ends, does it?

I may have picked up the Daisy Duck charm whilst out shopping too..

Since losing so much weight I have put off doing any clothes buying whatsoever. I was finding the minute I was buying something new it would be literally sliding off me the following week. However, you can’t ignore the wrong sized bra, can you? I picked up this bra in black and pink for £5 each, yep! That’s right. A fiver.

I also picked up some pj's and a Christmas novelty jumper, but because they are all in the Next sale I can't link them! Sorry! I think some of the items may still be available online though.

River Island Marble Bookends
Who knew River Island had a homeware department? Not me that’s for sure! It was only when someone posted about these bookends on Instagram that I knew I had to have them.

Can you believe I have had my previous pair for over 10 years. I feel kinda sad to retire them, they have been everywhere with me! But part of my new year, new me mantra is taking proper care of myself and my appearance. Although they still work they probably aren’t as effective as they once was. Plus, my hair is so thick and wild, I thought I would upgrade to the GHD Max Styler. One thing I can’t stand is spending an age on my hair.

I also picked up this gorgeous star Breton top at the last minute. And these boots have just made it on to my 'to buy' list.

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