Funko Pop's 4 Lyf Volume Two.

Embarrassingly after writing my first blog post I quickly discovered that it was far too long for just the one post, hence why I have split it into two, you know, because I'm good like that?! So, on with the collection!

No.77 Hermione (as cat) | How could I resist Hermione as a cat? The first 3 films are my favourites. I don't know why, I just hate the dark turn it takes in the later ones. I’m a bit of a sensitive soul dontcha' know?

No. 78 Hagrid (with cake) | Hagrid is by far one of my favourite characters from Harry Potter. Nope, I don’t want the obvious Harry, Ron or Hermione figures. Just this one. He is also a little bit bigger than your regular Pop, which I love.

No. 111 Baymax | This beaut was actually not on my list, but I saw him on his own and for a steal of a price, I couldn’t resist! Admittedly, I have kept his box just in case I realise that this was a bit of an impulse Pop purchase and possibly not one I am willing to keep instead of another.

No. 457 Mickey's 90th Anniversary Mickey Mouse | I ummed and ahhed over this one for about a week. I had it in my basket, discount code at the ready, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. In the end I saw that it was limited edition and I just bit the bullet. I am pretty sure I am not going to regret it. Classic Mickey for a Disney obsessed gal? Nah!

Pongo & Perdita | As much as I love these two, sadly it's the last time I will be using the popinabox website for any of my Funko purchases. Their shipping service is disgraceful; there’s no tracking and it can take over 2 weeks to be delivered. I mean, what’s that about?!! These two were worth the wait though, but not by much!

No. 51 Mary Poppins | I actually loved the original version of Mary Poppins, the classic bag and hat ensemble won me over in the end. Also my love for the original film knows no bounds, even though I enjoyed Emily Blunt's portrayal nearly as much! Annoyingly, every time I went to buy it I would change my mind? No regrets this time though.

There is technically only two on my to-buy list and I intend to keep it that way! I would love to own No. Eve from Wall-E. This Pop is actually vaulted so I am not holding out much hope.

The priciest of the lot is the three Sanderson Sisters, which I am hoping to pick up soon. I know this is 3 pops, but if you buy it as a job lot, surely it only counts as one?