Hotel Chocolat's The Velvetiser; A Review.

Hot chocolate addict? Yeah, me too. I honestly thought that since moving over to coconut milk I wouldn't be able to have this delicious drink anymore since the majority of supermarket hot chocolate's contain dairy powder, but that's where The Velvetiser comes in.

I can only speak for the matte black version, but wow! Sleek design isn't in it! Honestly, its packaging rivals Apple. I think you can assume I was pretty impressed, I love the copper detail too. It is also available in white (too messy) and copper (too fashionable... For me anyway!)

Putting the whole thing together was amazingly easy, so is cleaning the product when you have finished using it too. I have to admit, it does look incredibly pretty just sat there on my kitchen worktop.

But let's forget about all that, it's the taste you are probably all wondering about, right? And do you know what? It tastes exactly what you would find in store. I was so surprised. .. Thinking about it, I'm not sure why I'd be surprised though.. Of course they are going to use the same raw materials in store, so why should it taste any different? Duh!

Ignore me.

My go to drink is the 70% chocolate with coconut milk, and it was perfect. The milk was frothed to perfection, and it was at perfect drinking temperature straight after pouring. That being said; definitely not a fan of the 100% Mayan Red Honduras. Yeeesh!

It takes about 2 minutes to make, and the machine itself is so quiet. Like, SO QUIET. If your partner was in the other room you could make a dozen sneaky hot chocolates and he would never know! Perf. The design also makes it easy to pour, even if you are 'difficult' and left handed...

Yes, its expensive but you have to look at what you get: 2 perfectly sized mugs, a 10 pack of hot chocolate, the Velvetiser itself, and a voucher for more hot chocolates. I definitely didn't go into this purchase lightly, but with Valentine's day coming up I thought it was the perfect excuse.

Also, if you are a massive Hotel Chocolat fan then money’s no object when it comes to chocolate, right? We always get one when we go into town which works out about £8 a pop. With the sachets averaging about £1.20 a go.. well, you do the maths. Eventually you will recoup your money.