My Top 3 Mascaras.

As much as I love getting LVL lashes done, it’s kind of pricey, and there is always the need for a good mascara a couple of weeks in. For this blog post I have picked 3 of the best ones I have ever tried, and what’s great is that they all come in handy travel sizes.

I have always tried to adhear to not using a mascara past its ‘sell by date’ and that is usually 6 months after first application. Travel sizes are great when it comes to trying out new products, they are less pricey; especially when it comes to the more high end brands (who wants to drop £20+ on a mascara anyway?!) and you don’t feel so guilty chucking them when the time is up. Well, that's my little tip anyway.

Nars Climax | This is honestly my new holy grail when it comes to mascaras. I love everything about it: The formula, the wand, even down to the packaging. A lot can be said for a mascara that even when I haven’t curled my lashes (pure laziness) it still applies great. There are no clumps and surprisingly the wand, even though it is rather large and the bristles are seemingly close together,  separates them perfectly whilst coating them with a really deep, dark shade. It honestly looks like I am wearing false lashes after a couple of coats. No joke.

Too Faced Better Than Sex | This won’t come as a surprise. I am pretty sure this is at the top of a lot of beauty bloggers mascara lists. I prefer the non-waterproof version because, let’s face it, waterproof mascara is poop. It completely wrecks my lashes, and the less said about waterproof mascara the better. I first bought this mascara in Sephora and I have never looked back. I definitely wouldn’t go as far to say it was better than sex, but it’s a pretty close 2nd.

Benefit's Badgal | Controversial, I know, but it is honestly my favourite out of all the Benefit Mascara’s. And FYI I am not talking about BADgal BANG! I found They're Real would never apply evenly, and the majority of my lashes would be left stuck together. I went through a brief love affair with Roller Lash too, but on my 2nd repurchase I changed my mind totally. I first used Badgal back in 2010 and it's been one of those mascaras I have always gone back to.

What are your favourite mascaras?

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