The Promise.

I have always been very sceptical on the idea of marriage, possibly because I have never met the right person? But now I have the prospect is a real possibility. After I jokingly presented my partner with two jelly Haribo rings on Valentine’s day we decided to make it a little bit (not a lot mind you) more official by opting for a more substantial, and less edible, alternative from Pandora.

I know it’s early days still, but when you know, you know, right? There’s that ‘honeymoon’ phase that I’ve experienced in the past, where everything is rosy for about, 9 months? But I know for certain this is us for good. I no longer feel embarrassed by the things I like. I can go home and say I am watching Harry Potter for the gazillionth time and instead of getting pointed, judgemental comments, my boy joins me, and brings the sweets to boot.

The ring itself is just silver and quite classic looking, it is basically just a promise that one day, in the near future, this will happen for real. And do you know what? Nothing makes me happier! I like the fact that it is an in-between step just to let each other know that there is that type of commitment there.

We are so compatible it’s kinda scary. There isn’t a day that goes by without saying ‘I love you’ to one another. We just love to be in each other’s company; talking and joking. Honestly, with him by my side I feel like I can do anything, he gives me the support and confidence that I thought I had lost over the last couple of years.

Like, I can do anything: Blogging, photography, anything.

He just makes breathing easier if that makes sense? Especially when things are stressful. In a healthy way, I just hate being away from him.

If you aren’t happy, things won’t get any better, trust me. I mean, they might for about a month, but once something is broken there is no going back. You know they aren’t being themselves when they start to offer to take your blog photos, and finally agree on that getaway you have wanted for so long. The boredom and resentment they felt before will win out in the end.

I unfortunately found myself with someone I couldn’t be ‘me’ with. It was a very ‘love-less’ relationship with a complete lack of emotional support. Put it this way, ‘Sorry’ was a very rare word in the 6 years we were together, and everything would be a debate. He would claim it was a conversation, but it wasn’t. I know how to converse with people, I do it successfully every single day. But it was like there would be no peace until he was satisfied he was right. There was always that undercurrent of superiority because I watch the Channel 4 news vibe…


If you can’t be yourself from the start then there is no point. My advice is to get out when you can otherwise it will just feel like you will spend your whole relationship walking on broken glass. That clash of personalities will eventually catch up to you. I pretended to be someone I wasn’t at the beginning; I would drink wine and suppress my inner geek to try and be ‘cooler’ than I actually was. In the end I found out that 1. I hate boozing and 2. There are just so many years before the Funko obsession would rear its head.

Anywho! I found my lobster, and if you haven’t already I am sure you will too. Although, I have always said being part of a couple isn't the be all and end all!!

We have a few more hurdles to overcome before things become official OFFICIAL but we are on the right path. I just want these posts to maybe spur anyone else on in the same position into realising you don’t have to put up with being unhappy no matter what your circumstance.